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Digital Overload 2007 Coverage

Tim Buckley Interview

Game Overdrive was given the opportunity to interview Tim Buckley, creator of CTRL+ALT+DEL and host of Digital Overload, about the event's success and current and future CAD projects.

Q1) In comparison to last year, did this year's Digital Overload meet your expectations?

A1) It met them and then proceeded to blow them out of the water with a chain of rocket-propelled awesome grenades.

Q2) Do you envision Digital Overload to become more of a Quakecon-like event, or still maintain convention-type panels and events?

A2) Well, Iíve never attended a QuakeCon, so Iím not sure what a comparison to it would be like. Iíve always envisioned Digital Overload as a massive LAN party, but with a few panels and events thrown to give something people to do if they want to take a break from gaming. But it has been, is, and will be primarily about just getting together with hundreds of your closest friends and playing video games for a weekend.

Q3) What is the planned scale of Digital Overload? Would you rather keep it an event of this caliber, with more of a BYOC focus, or something that involved numerous artists and vendors as the focus of the event?

A3) Our primary focus is the gaming. The actual playing of games, whether they be PC, Console or Tabletop. I love to have my fellow artists at the event because theyíre friends and I like hanging out with them. And Iím sure the attendees like to meet and game with them as well.

And we welcome all exhibitors/vendors at the event, but that side of things will never overpower the core focus of playing the games.

Q4) Have you already begun planning for next year's event, and if so, what changes and improvements are you planning to make?

A4) Me and the guys from Ni! start planning Digital Overload 2008 even as we were setting up for 2007. We make notes as the weekend progresses, because thatís the best time to really look at how things are running, and see where they can be improved.

For 2008 weíll definitely be improving and streamlining our registration system, in an effort to get gamers in and playing as fast as possible on Friday evening. Our website and online registration systems will get a nice overhaul before next yearís events as well.

Additionally, more tournaments, with even better organization and prizes are on the table as well. A main focus for me will also be providing a more versatile intranet for the LAN, with schedules, news and more, and some method to improve the ease of finding others for the games people want to play.

Q5) In your opinion, what has improved since last year's event?

A5) Everything. Iíd be hard-pressed to find something that wasnít improved over last year.

Registration bottlenecked a bit, but the system was completely different than last year, and in my opinion, much better and more secure. So I think even the problems we experienced with the new system were outweighed by the general increase in security we gained.

Q6) Approximately how many attendees were present at this year's event?

A6) I donít have any exact numbers quite yet, because we had some last-minute registration transfers, and also experienced a far greater number of spectators than we had expected. Our early counts put actual attendance around 450 people.

Q7) What is the possibility that Digital Overload will expand past a 3-day weekend event?

A7) I donít think itís very likely that weíll expand it past a 3-day weekend event.

Q8) How successful do you believe Season 1 of the animated series was, and do you have plans for Season 2 of the CTRL+ALT+DEL Animated Series?

A8) Technically speaking, I feel it was a success. We didnít lose money on it, we delivered what we promised, and on schedule. And for the most part, I was happy with it.

Most of our problems were the direct result of inexperience with creating an animation. Primarily the schedule we locked ourselves into. We ended up being right up against the deadline each month on production, and that didnít leave us very much time to make changes or improvements.

It was definitely a learning experience for all of us involved. I currently have no specific plans for a season two, except to say that Iím definitely not done with taking Ctrl+Alt+Del into the animated realm. But I do feel now that I have a greater understanding of the process, so when I get around to making a Season Two I can apply that knowledge appropriately and do some things differently.

Q9) Will there be further issues of Analog and D-Pad?

A9) Absolutely. Iíd already written the script for Issue #2 before Issue #1 hit the store, and Issue 3 is all plotted out. Analog and D+Pad is a really fun project, and it will actually be one of my primary focuses in 2007.

Q10) What were your opinions when working on the Animated Series and Analog and D-Pad with other artists? How different was the experience of working with others rather than working on a project alone?

A10) Itís an entirely different experience. Not necessarily better or worse, but it does require a different mindset, and a lot of trust.

Q11) Do you have any future plans for further collaboration with Zack or any other artists?

A11) Zack is my artist on Analog and D+Pad and I hope to work with him for a good long while. Weíve signed a contract to do an additional 6 issues of the comic book together. I have no current specific plans to work with any other artists on anything, but you never know what might come up in the future.

We'd like to thank Tim for answering our questions and for his support of Game Overdrive's Digital Overload coverage! Be sure to head over to CTRL+ALT+DEL every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for the latest CAD comic!