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Digital Overload 2007 Coverage

Hookie Dookie Panic! Interview

On March 10, Game Overdrive was given the opportunity to interview Brian Wilson and Shawn Lieske of the Hookie Dookie Panic! webcomic. Brian was being deployed to the middle east the following day, so we really wanted to get this interview before he had to leave.

Brian and Shawn are both great guys and it was an honour to speak to both of them. We grilled them about the creation and inspiration of Hookie Dookie Panic!, as well as future plans, amongst other issues.

As this was filemd in the hallway outside of Digital Overload, there was a lot of foot traffic just as we began the interview. Also, some time during the interview, a British woman comes over and Brian jokes with her, and then she proceeds to sit down next to us during our interview and talk exceedingly loudly on her cell phone. There is also a bit of garbled video in the first part of the interview, so we'd like to apologise for both of these inconvieniences.

We did try to compress the interview files as much as possible, though that was a very painful process. Alas, each file is anywhere from 150mb to 300mb large.

Finally, we'd like to sincerely thank Brian and Shawn for taking the time to talk to us. It was a great opportunity and we're glad to have met them.

The interview is divided into three parts of three interview questions each to make downloading easier. A typed transcript will be available within a few days.

The videos will load slowly if you click on them, so we do recommend you right-click and select "Save As" to download them to your computer for easy viewing.
Part 1 (3 min, 4 sec, 140mb)
Part 2 (9 min, 29 sec, 290mb)
Part 3 (3 min, 47 sec, 87mb)

Video shot and edited by Tony Perriello.